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Support for the Institute of HeartMathDV-DON

Expanding Heart Connections
Our mission at IHM is to help establish heart-based living and global coherence by inspiring people to connect with their hearts’ intelligence and guidance. Your contribution will be used to support the Institute of HeartMath’s mission in advancing intuition and basic research, create and expand our education programs and foster heart-based living.

We educate children and adults on the effects of positive emotions on health, learning, performance and quality of life. We conduct scientific research in the field of psychophysiology of emotions and heart–brain interactions and provide effective programs and techniques to help people transform stress. Your gift will help us continue our breakthrough research and develop more programs to help bring positive change to the lives of people around the world. All IHM programs help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

If you decide to become a Monthly Giver and donate $5 or more each month to the Institute of HeartMath, you will receive free IHM Membership and a Heart Connector Gem and Tool Card as our gift of appreciation.

Thank you for your generous contribution to the Institute of HeartMath.  Learn more or donate...

Donation to the Global Coherence InitiativeDV-DONGCI

Your Support is Necessary
The Global Coherence Initiative relies on funding from caring individuals like you and socially conscious organizations. This nonprofit project requests your generous financial support to meet our funding goals. Your donations will be used to:

  • Educate people about how they can increase individual and collective coherence.
  • Organize people and groups to direct heart-focused care and intention to help offset negativity and the global stress momentum.
  • Develop and deploy the Global Coherence Monitoring System.
  • Conduct research that demonstrates the interconnectivity between human consciousness and the global environment.

Your gift is fully tax-deductible. IHM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, education and research corporation.

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HeartMath Education ProjectsDV-DONED

Your donation to HeartMath Education Projects will help children receive the necessary support for learning self-regulation and self-awareness skills to become self-empowered.

Your contribution will be used to help put life-changing educational programs into the hands of students and teachers to help those in need who otherwise would not have access to them. Together, we can prepare children for the changes and challenges of the 21st century and the quest to make the world a better place.

IHM is sending a gift of appreciation for your contribution, our small way of saying thank you for your care and support.

If you decide to become a Monthly Giver and donate $5 or more each month to HeartMath Education Projects, you will receive free IHM Membership and a beautifully designed Inner Weather Report Poster as our gift of appreciation.  Learn more or donate...


Adopt a ScientistDV-DONADSC

Your donation will help IHM move the world closer to understanding the why and how solar and magnetic activity affect human health and behavior – and why does this really matter.

The Adopt a Scientist Campaign will be raising $100,000 to hire a data analyst scientist with expertise in signal processing, statistical analysis and a background in geomagnetic and solar processes. For this vital position your gift today will fund a year's salary; and cover other expenses that will be incurred in extracting, organizing and analyzing this data among other responsibilities.

Donate $50+ and receive a free copy of The Solar Revolution DVD.
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HeartMath Institute Research ProjectsDV-DONRSCH

Your support of the HeartMath Institute's Research enables HMI’s scientists to conduct the kind of research that has earned global respect and recognition for two decades in exploring the power and intelligence of the human heart.

Among the HeartMath Research Center’s key areas of focus are the role of the human heart in health, learning, performance and personal resilience and energy; causes and solutions for stress; test anxiety in schoolchildren; understanding and reversing negative behavior patterns; and the mental, emotional and physical effects of combat on the nation’s military.

Your gift is fully tax-deductible.

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HeartMath Military Service Appreciation InitiativeDV-DONSOL

The HeartMath Military Service Appreciation Initiative provides active duty service members and veterans with resilience-building programs and emotion-regulation technology for lessening mental, emotional and physical challenges. Active-duty military, veterans and their families need relief and solutions for hardships they have endured during their service, your donation can help us distribute the HeartMath Education And Resilience Training ( H.E.A.R.T.) DVD program for free to thousands of veterans and military service personnel.

Your gift is fully tax deductible. IHM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, educational and research corporation.

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HeartMath for Communities ProjectDV-DONHFC

It is truly remarkable how much care and kindness goes out every day to millions of people in need, and even more amazing that it all begins with the tiny sparks of love in the hearts of caring individuals. You can choose to become one of these people by donating to the HeartMath for Communities Project.

The Communities Project offers free vital training to underserved organizations and groups that provide their constituents with skills for reducing daily stress and succeeding in the face of today’s challenges.

Your gift is fully tax deductible. IHM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, educational and research corporation.
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The De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times already has reached a great number of people, but the Institute of HeartMath is being inundated with requests for print copies.  Learn more or donate...