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Inside Story Classroom Program

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Inside Story Classroom Program, Grades 9-12+ For classroom use National Standards for High School Health Education and Psychology Bridging emotions and academics for student success

The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings and Stress Management Supplemental Classroom Program helps high school students understand the connection between their emotions, health, performance and daily lives.

This engaging and visually pleasing text is clearly written and full of vital information pertaining to the latest research in neuroscience, emotional physiology and stress. The Inside Story Classroom Program guides students through key ideas, a series of reflective activities and a research-proven stress-management technique called Freeze-Frame, which is easy to use, has clear instructions for each lesson and integrates effortlessly into regular curriculums. This scientifically validated tool promotes healthy behavior and psychological well-being of high school and college students and reduces emotional turmoil, anger, hostility and depression.

Why Heart-Based Education?
HeartMath research has identified a measurable physiological state that underlies optimal learning and performance. In this state, our emotions are calm, and our brain, nervous system and other bodily systems function with increased synchronization and harmony. In simple terms, we’re highly in sync – physically, mentally and emotionally. This in turn, facilitates the higher cognitive processes critical for focusing attention, reasoning and creativity – all essential for effective learning, academic achievement and social success.

Scientific Validation:
The Inside Story is based on leading research into the physiology of learning and performance. This research has led to the development of effective strategies and tools that facilitate higher cognitive functioning. This results in "cortical facilitation," which is directly associated with improved comprehension, memory recall and the ability to solve problems – all skills that shorten learning cycles and produce positive test results. Dr. Rollin McCraty says the key to understanding how anxiety inhibits cognitive and physical performance lies in understanding how emotions affect the rhythmic activity in the nervous system. Feelings like frustration, anger and anxiety cause the neural activity in the two branches of the autonomic nervous system to get out of sync. This in turn affects the synchronized activity in the brain, disrupting our ability to think clearly. Conversely, uplifting feelings such as appreciation lead to increased harmony and synchronization in the brain and nervous system, which facilitate our ability to think clearly.

The Inside Story addresses National Standards for High School Psychology, standards in all four areas of the Biopsychological Domain:

  • Stress, Coping and Health – identifies how stress reactions hinder our effectiveness and proposes alternatives that lead to a healthier existence.
  • Biological Bases of Behavior – addresses how the brain processes information and how the body adapts to the demands of its environment.
  • Sensation and Perception – examines how the brain makes meaning out of the physical sensations generated by the environment.
  • Motivation and Emotion – examines the drives and needs that direct behavior, including sex, thirst, hunger and social needs, as well as the range of human emotions.
Classroom Program includes: • Teacher's Guide CD-ROM, clear instructions for each lesson • 30 Inside Story Booklets Teacher's Guide CD-Rom includes: 
• Clear instructions for each lesson
• Student worksheets
•Overhead or PowerPoint presentation 
• Study notes • Assessment – multiple choice and essay 
• In-depth teacher background material 

The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings Booklet: 
• 6 by 9, 32 pages 
• 4-color cover, 2-color text 
• Illustrations, cartoons, factoids and diagrams 
• Student exercises. 

Table of Contents: Lesson 1 - Riding the Wave Lesson 2 - The Three-Part Brain Lesson 3 - Emotional Memories Lesson 4 - Emotions and the Nervous System Lesson 5 - The Heart-Brain Connection Lesson 6 - Freeze-Frame® A Positive Emotion-Refocusing Technique Lesson 7 - The Inside Story Glossary 

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