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Coherence Coach® CD

Item # 1510
Sale Price: $14.96  Regular Price: $19.95
Coherence Coach CD: Your Personal Coherence Trainer Software
Ages 8 Through Adult

The Coherence Coach is an entertaining, interactive software application that teaches HeartMath's scientifically validated Quick Coherence® technique for relieving stress and increasing performance. Learn step-by-step instructions through narration, five colorful animations, music and an adjustable breathing pacer. Quick Coherence is a powerful technique for refocusing your emotions, connecting you with your genuine intuition and releasing stress. Once learned, the Quick Coherence technique only takes a minute to do. This new, innovative approach to teaching a HeartMath technique offers a unique learning experience that can bring your emotional, mental and physical systems into an improved state of balance. Download the Coherence Coach to experience a boost in energy, improve mental clarity and live stress free.

Windows System Requirements
To successfully run the Coherence Coach, your system must equal or surpass the following:
• Pentium III, 4 or similar 700 MHz*
• Windows 2000 and XP2
• 256 MB of RAM, 512MB recommended
• 25 MB of free hard-disk space
• Video adapter with support for 65536 colors (16bpp)**

Mac System Requirements
To successfully run the Coherence Coach, your system must equal or surpass the following:
• Mac G3, G4, G5 700 MHz*
• Mac OSX
• 256 MB of RAM, 512MB recommended
• 25 MB of free hard-disk space
• Video adapter with support for 65536 colors(16bpp)**

* Running the Coherence Coach on processors slower than a Mac G4 or Pentium III operating at 700 MHz may result in irregular movement when viewing the animations as well as other performance issues.
** The Coherence Coach will run on systems limited to 16 colors, but the results may not be great.

Downloadable version also available
Click here for Downloadable Windows version.
Click here for Downloadable Mac version.

(The Coherence Coach is included with emWave PC and emWave Handheld.)

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