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TestEdge® Interactive Learning Program 9-12 +5325

Item # 5325Price: $19.95
For Home or Classroom Use, grades 9-12 and above
Bridging emotions and academics for student success

Overcome test anxiety and learning blocks. Understand how your emotions and attitudes are affecting your schoolwork. If test-taking or learning is stressing you, try TestEdge for emotional and academic success. A controlled study that included a range of high-performing to low-performing students found 75% had reduced anxiety after taking the TestEdge program. Students experienced less dread about taking tests and increased focus, comprehension and confidence during high-stakes tests. The TestEdge program includes five video lessons with actors and flash animations, interactive sessions and a review of key points.  More info »
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TestEdge® Interactive CD Learning Program 6-85305

Item # 5305Price: $19.95
For Home or Classroom, Grades 6-8
TestEdge can transform your test-taking experience and help you pass standardized tests. Understand how your emotions and attitudes are affecting your academic work. If learning or test-taking is stressing you, get in sync for your best academic performance. This scientifically researched multimedia course teaches proven tools and strategies demonstrated to overcome test and performance anxiety, reduce discouragement, learning blocks and memory jammers, boost focus and clarity and promote positive feelings about school.  More info »
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Coherence Coach® CD1510

Item # 1510Price: $14.96
Coherence Coach CD: Your Personal Coherence Trainer Software
Ages 8 Through Adult

Your Personal Coach
The Coherence Coach is an entertaining, interactive software application that teaches HeartMath's scientifically validated Quick Coherence® technique for relieving stress and increasing performance. Learn step-by-step instructions through narration, five colorful animations, music and an adjustable breathing pacer. This is a powerful technique for refocusing your emotions, connecting with your genuine intuition and releasing stress. Once learned, it only takes a minute to do, experience a boost in energy, improve mental clarity and live stress free.

Downloadable Version also available
Click here for Downloadable Windows version.
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(The Coherence Coach is included with emWave PC and emWave Handheld.)

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