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Item # 6320Price: $199.00
Take Charge of Your Mind and Emotions
The emWave2 can help you make a positive change. This unique training system, with researched-based tools and games, helps you build inner resilience to help you effectively deal with stressful feelings and life's challenges. Five to 10 minutes of daily practice can provide you greater ease and mental and emotional flexibility and more positive attitudes, emotions and perspectives. The emWave2 trainer also connects to your computer.  More info »
1396-CH emWave2_with_Dual_Drive_small.jpg
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emWave2 with Dual Drive (Charcoal)1396-CH

Item # 1396-CHPrice: $238.00
How can something this much fun be good for you?
This entertaining system includes the emWave2 heart-rhythm coherence trainer and the Dual Drive Pro racing game, which benefits you in real-life situations. As you play any of the games – racing against others in your local area network or computer-generated opponents – you’ll learn to concentrate “on task” while maintaining and building physiological and emotional balance in challenging situations, reaching what scientists call a state of coherence. (For Windows operating systems.)  More info »
1362 emWave2 with Solution for Better Sleep.jpg
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emWave®2 With Solution for Better Sleep1362

Item # 1362Price: $208.95

Ready for a Better Night's Sleep?
This easy-to-use system consists of the emWave2 technology and HeartMath's Solution for Better Sleep Book. HeartMath's Solution for Better Sleep will help you create new physical, mental and emotional rhythms to reduce the stressful feelings you accumulate during the day, which can disrupt your sleep rhythms at night. You'll find new balance to improve not only sleep, but other aspects of your life as well.  More info »
1360 emWave2 with Meditation Assistant Book.jpg
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emWave®2 with The HeartMath Meditation Assistant1360

Item # 1360Price: $208.95
Ease into Alignment
This heart-centered program provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how to use the emWave2 to enhance your spiritual/self-help practices. With the emWave Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant booklet, this program will help you develop a deeper connection with your heart and enrich and get more out of your other practices. Whatever your practices, this program can help you progressively experience greater ease and flow. Includes 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.  More info »
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emWave2 with HeartMath's Brain Fitness Program (e-Booklet)6320-BB

Item # 6320-BBPrice: $211.95

Explore how your brain works and learn how to make it work better.
Emotional stress, the strains of modern life and aging all can hasten cognitive decline. Memory, focus and concentration are especially vulnerable, but you can actually learn to take care of your brain, improve mental functions, remain alert and develop your brainpower. HeartMath's Brain Fitness Program combines the effectiveness of the emWave2r with researched based tools and techniques to help you connect your heart and mind for optimal performance.  More info »
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emWave2 & Family Wellness Bundle6320-FW

Item # 6320-FWPrice: $239.00
emWave2, audios, videos, e-booklets and more.
This comprehensive bundle includes the emWave2 system and digital content specially selected for its effectiveness. Family resilience, energy and emotional well-being are important. HeartMath provides many options and benefits for personal performance and health in children, teens and adults. Now many of HeartMath’s popular e-books, audio music files, webinars and other products can be purchased together. There’s something to benefit everyone, including with stress, fatigue, sleep, relationships and academic performance.  More info »
1395-BL__emWave2_With Inside Story_Small .jpg
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emWave®2 and The Inside Story1395

Item # 1395Price: $204.95
Take Charge of Your Mind and Emotions
The emWave2 training system can help you make a positive change. Researched-based tools and games help you build inner resilience for effectively dealing with stressful feelings and life’s challenges. Five to 10 minutes of daily practice is all you need. Included is The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings e-booklet to help teens and young adults understand the connection between their emotions, health and performance. (For Mac or PC).  More info »
6301_emWave2 USB Wall Charger_small.jpg
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emWave®2 USB Wall Charger (North America)6301

Item # 6301Price: $15.00
USB Wall Charger for emWave2 handheld device.

Standard North American A/C plug

USB Wall Charger for other countries — click here.

Note: The emWave2 includes a USB Charging/Connector cable for charging from your computer.  More info »