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emWave Pro for Mac and PC


emWave Desktop Adult Learning Programs

Bring your emotional, mental and physical systems into an improved state of balance. The emWave Coherence System includes the handheld emWave and software for your Mac or PC, for home or on the go. Health Professional emWave Desktop Package contains everything you need to begin using emWave Desktop with clients. View this category


Additional emWave Desktop Accessories

Buy a second module and ear sensor for your second computer. View this category


emWave Desktop Software

Experience the new software , for your emWave PC or USB version of the Freeze Framer. This engaging program has lots of additional features and functions and
intriguing graphics to enhance your experience of HeartMath's patented
heart-rhythm monitor. View this category


emWave Desktop Replacement Parts

View this category

emWave Desktop Student Learning Programs

Especially for Students. View this category

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emWave Pro6030

Item # 6030Price: $299.00

Learn to Access a State of Active Calm
The emWave Pro is a scientifically validated hardware/software system that teaches techniques to help you create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced. This is achieved through a patented process which displays heart rhythm patterns in real time showing you when you are in this high performance state. We call this coherence.  More info »
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emWave Pro and Family Wellness Bundle6030-FW

Item # 6030-FWPrice: $329.00

emWave Pro with Family Wellness Bundle
The emWave Pro Family Wellness Bundle includes the emWave Pro. The accompanying digital content has been specifically selected for effectiveness and popularity.

The resilience, energy and emotional well-being of your family are important to you and they’re important to HeartMath. We’ve long been committed to providing a wide range of options and benefits for the personal health, well-being and performance of young children, teens and adults. Now many of HeartMath’s popular books, audio music files, webinar presentations and other products available separately are being included in the new Family Wellness Bundle. Whether it’s stress, fatigue, children’s behavior, sleeping problems, relationship issues, academic performance or other concerns, we’re sure this special collection includes something to benefit every member of your family.  More info »
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emWave® Pro with HeartMath's Brain Fitness Program6030-SP

Item # 6030-SPPrice: $311.95

Connecting Heart and Mind for Optimal Performance
Emotional stress, the strains of modern life and aging all can hasten cognitive decline. Memory, focus and concentration are especially vulnerable, but you can actually learn to take care of your brain, improve mental functions, remain alert and develop your brainpower. The new HeartMath Brain Fitness Program explores the critical relationship between our emotions and the brain. It includes practical and simple steps for using HeartMath techniques and the emWave Pro to improve and sustain your cognitive abilities throughout your life.
 More info »
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emWave® Pro with Meditation & Self-Help Assistant Guide1387

Item # 1387Price: $308.95

Revitalize your emotions, mind and body, and uplift your spirit with the emWave Pro and Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant Booklet

The emWave Pro software for Mac or PC (with ear sensor) provides an entertaining and educational experience to increase heart coherence, and add potency to your meditations, affirmations and intentions.

The emWave measures the subtle changes in your heart rhythms and analyzes your level of coherence. Coherence is a distinct mode of synchronized psychophysical functioning that is frequently associated with the experience of sustained positive emotion and the alignment of heart, mind, body and spirit. Coherence is a state very similar to what many call the Presence or the flow, and what athletes call the zone.

The emWave monitors and visually displays your heart-rhythm pattern and coherence level in real time. It also records and stores the data so you can track your progress. It includes three colorful interactive games designed to help you transform stress into creative energy while building your coherence scores. Another feature, the Emotion Visualizer, provides stunning colorful images that dynamically change according to your emotional state and coherence level.

The emWave Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant booklet (included at no additional charge) provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use the emWave to enhance your spiritual and personal growth practices, and your inner peace. Using the emWave along with this booklet can facilitate any approach to meditation, prayer, personal development or healing. Together, they help create more ease and flow from the heart, which helps you feel the benefits you seek more quickly.

With emWave Pro you can:

  • Watch your heart rhythms change as you move into a state of higher coherence<
  • Use the Coherence Coach to learn and practice a powerful technique to increase heart coherence.
  • Play interactive games to sharpen your skills and increase your coherence scores.
  • Use the Emotion Visualizer to transform colorful images as you practice maintaining focus and caring intention.
  • Save sessions and chart progress over time.

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emWave USB Hardware Kit6010-H

Item # 6010-HPrice: $170.00

emWave® USB Hardware Kit For Your Second Computer

Includes the new USB Module, Ear Sensor, Finger Sensor and Installation Guide. The new USB Module is designed for increased sensitivity and less signal loss.  More info »
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emWave® Sensor Module (USB)6010-M

Item # 6010-MPrice: $125.00
Add emWave to a Second Computer
The emWave USB Sensor Module is a state-of-the-art interface device that powers the *Ear Sensor and interprets the data going to the software Program. The new USB Sensor Module features auto gain control, which greatly increases signal quality under difficult conditions such as cold hands, ears or other factors that contribute to reduced peripheral circulation. Thinner, longer, more flexible cable allows more freedom of movement while using the Ear Sensor and there is less signal loss.

The USB Sensor Module is included in the full emWave® Pro Package.

*Ear Sensor (Item # 6010-E) sold separately

Note: This Sensor Module will not work with the Freeze-Framer v1.x orv2.x software. You must have emWave PC v1.0.6 or above to use the sensor module.  More info »
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emWave® Ear Sensor6010-E

Item # 6010-EPrice: $25.00
Hands Free
This convenient, lightweight ear sensor, for the emWave Pro or Desktop (Mac and PC versions), emWave PSR, emWave2 and Inner Balance iOS 30 Pin Sensor, leaves your hands free. The sensor’s light, spring action makes it easy to wear, so you’ll barely feel it on your ear. The lapel clip further reduces weight on the ear and the 5-foot, white cable allows you to move around easily. The Ear Sensor allows user to keep working at a desk or table while running a session.

Note: This sensor is included with the emWave Desktop, emWave2 and Inner Balance. This ear sensor is not compatible with previous versions of the emWave PC or Freeze Framer (item numbers 6005 or less) unless they have been upgraded to the new software, item #6006-X, and the new Sensor Module (6010-M).  More info »
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emWave® Finger Sensor6010-F

Item # 6010-FPrice: $25.00

The emWave Finger Sensor has a compact profile and lightweight construction. Easy finger placement, accommodates varying finger sizes more readily and it's flexible cord allows for freedom of movement. Strap is designed to allow for a more snug fit while still providing non-restrictive comfort to the user.

Plugs into the USB Sensor Module, which is included in the emWave Desktop for Mac and PC item (#6020). Plugs into the USB Sensor Module, which is included in the emWave Desktop for Mac and PC (#6020). It is also compatible with the Inner Balance Sensor for iOS (#6400).  More info »
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6 ft. USB Extension Cable6002-C

Item # 6002-CPrice: $10.00
emWave® Extension Cable – 6 feet

Easier Access

If your computer’s USB port is located on the back, it is not easily accessed, but this 6-foot USB Extension Cable will make it easily accessible. The cable is for use with the new emWave PC and emWave Mac.

Also can be used with Freeze-Framer.

* Formerly known as Freeze-Framer.  More info »
6020-X emWave Desktop Software Upgrade Small.JPG
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emWave® Pro Software Kit6030-X

Item # 6030-XPrice: $149.00
Upgrade your emWave PC to the latest version and stay up to date with automatic updates

This kit contains software only and is for those who already have the emWave USB hardware or emWave2. Works on both PC and Mac systems.

This engaging program has lots of additional features and functions and intriguing graphics to enhance your experience of HeartMath's patented heart-rhythm monitor.

New Features Include:
  • Auto updated so you will always have the most current version of the emWave Desktop software available every time you start your program.
  • New streamlined user interface which easily changes users with a pull down menu.
  • Mix and match the screens in your view.
  • Auto Save every session
  • Replay and review previously recorded sessions easily from the review screen.
  • Access Games, Visualizer and Coherence Coach with just one click
  • Improved export functionality
  • Enhanced Database options
Note: emWave Mac users do not need to purchase this upgrade. This software requires a USB port for the USB sensors. It is not compatible with serial port sensors

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