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Quiet Joy - CD

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Quiet Joy Music CD

Serene and Peaceful

Enter the state of Quiet Joy, carefully selected compositions taken from Doc Childre's award-winning releases Heart Zones and Speed of Balance. Published studies show improvement in the nervous system, hormonal balance and immune-system response. This is the more serene and peaceful side of Doc’s musical style, inspiring feelings of calm, balance and well-being. Designed to renew, center and refocus, it’s a perfect background for yoga and tai-chi. Quiet Joy has been effectively used by health professionals to help stabilize emotions, resolve nervous-system chaos and significantly improve behavior and performance at school. It also helps calm young children and babies at home. Align the heart’s beauty and intelligence with the power of mind and body.


Song 1 – Global Anthem – 2:18

Song 2 – Heart Zones Song 1 – 3:44

Song 3 – Harp Zones – 2:49

Song 4 – Heart Zones Song 4 – 3:05

Total Time: 11:56 (The four songs are repeated.)