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The Hidden Power of the Heart (e-Book)EHPH

Item # EHPHPrice: $12.95
The Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence (e-Book) - By Sara Childre

Find Your Hidden Power
One of HeartMath’s classics, speaks to you in a warm and friendly style, like a good friend. Hidden Power of the Heart is a powerful story giving new insights into the power of the heart to increase intelligence and heighten emotional awareness. It combines wisdom with practical tools and techniques to develop your heart intelligence. New mind-expanding topics include holographic awareness, the dimensional shift and DNA blueprints. You discover a hidden power available to everyone – a power that can change your own life and create a new future for humanity. For many, this is a favorite personal reference guide.

Available in e-Book format (pdf, epub or mobi) only.

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Self Empowerment (e-book)ESE

Item # ESEPrice: $9.95
Self Empowerment, The Heart Approach to Stress Management: Common-Sense Strategies e-Book

By Doc Childre

A HeartMath Classic

In this practical book, Childre offers effective common-sense strategies for empowering you to relieve the stress of today’s personal, family, social and business problems. His second book, published in 1992, begins with a global stress overview and presents a truthful, common-sense perspective on the need for individual mental and emotional self-management. It’s interesting how much of what Childre was saying 15 years ago remains true today. He offers practical techniques for achieving a major shift in personal effectiveness, outlines the difference between mind intelligence and heart intelligence, and shows how to use both for improving health, relationships and emotional satisfaction.

Available in e-Book format only.  More info »

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emWave® Meditation, Prayer & Self-Help Assistant e-bookletEMPS

Item # EMPSPrice: $7.46
(59-page downloadable e-booklet)

Get Centered Today

Quieting the mind in today’s fast-paced world where schedules are packed and time is short is challenging. Go from “trying to get settled” to “being centered” quickly with HeartMath’s new e-booklet, emWave Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant – for use with the emWave Personal Stress Reliever®. Perhaps you know about the Institute of HeartMath’s internationally recognized research on stress, emotions and heart-brain interactions. We’ve incorporated that into this guide to help you build the heart-rhythm coherence so important to meditation, prayer, self-help and other practices. (Includes preview of the Global Coherence Project to shift mass coherence toward social and planetary harmony.)

† Also available as booklet or part of specially priced package with emWave2 or emWave Pro.  More info »
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HeartMath's Brain Fitness Program - e-BookEBFP

Item # EBFPPrice: $12.95

HeartMath Brain Fitness Program - Connecting Heart and Mind for Optimal Performance By Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Explore how your brain works and learn how to make it work better
Emotional stress, the strains of modern life and aging all can hasten cognitive decline. Memory, focus and concentration are especially vulnerable, but you can learn to improve mental functions, remain alert and develop brainpower. The HeartMath Brain Fitness Program explores the critical relationship between your emotions and brain and the heart’s role in shaping and controlling emotions. Harness your neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity for changing and rewiring itself, and raise your heart coherence to create harmony across all of your body’s systems. Here is a wonderful research-based practical and simple method for improving and sustaining your cognitive abilities throughout life.  More info »
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The Intuitive Heart - e-BookletETIH

Item # ETIHPrice: $14.95

The Intuitive Heart – Accessing Inner Guidance To Raise Our Consciousness Baseline
By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. and Doc Childre

New work written on the natural human capacity for intuition, with guidance for increasing yours!
Accessing our natural inner capacity for sensing or knowing things not immediately present or stored in the brain has long been a source of cultural traditions and mystique and pure scientific research. The Intuitive Heart employs a format and style the layperson and scientist alike will appreciate, confirming what you’ve suspected and expanding what you know and believe. The 18-page e-booklet includes the widely acclaimed Freeze Frame® Technique and guidance for increasing access to your intuitive capacity.  More info »