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The Appreciative Heart - Pdf

Item # EAPH - pdf
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Applied Appreciation - e-Booklet

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Enhance your life
Appreciation is one of the most powerful core feelings. Applied sincerely and consistently, it quickly performs an attitude adjustment and shift in perceptions and improves your mind, health and quality of life. Appreciation is a liberating energy, magnetizing creative solutions within and around you. Learn to realign sentimentality and low-grade-anxiety into a coherent heart state of appreciation.

No 157 EBAA Applied Appreciation - e-Booklet
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The Coherent Heart - Pdf

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The Coherent Heart: Heart-Brain Interactions, Psychophysiological Coherence, and the Emergence of System-Wide Order
By R. McCraty, Ph.D., M. Atkinson, D. Tomasino, B.A., and R. Trevor Bradley, Ph.D.

Heart-Brain InteractionsThe Coherent Heart provides an in-depth discussion of heart-brain interactions and the role of the heart in organizing systemwide coherence. Includes: Theoretical Considerations, Psychophysiological Networks, Benefits of Psychophysiological Coherence and its Measurement, A Typology of Psychophysiological States, how vagal afferent traffic inhibits pain perception and affects cognitive performance, difference between respiration and positive, emotion-driven coherence and the heart's roles in emotional experience and processing.

Intended primarily for researchers, medical professionals, students of psychophysiology and related fields and laypeople who desire a deeper understanding of HeartMath's research.

Yes 117 ECOH - Pdf The Coherent Heart - Pdf
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The Energetic Heart - Pdf

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The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People
By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Heart's Electromagnetic Field
This fascinating monograph, The Energetic Heart explains the bioelectromagnetic interactions within and between people. Did you know that our physiological systems are interacting in subtle ways and the electromagnetic signal produced by your heart is registered in the brain waves of people around you? Discover why the heart's electromagnetic field is believed to act as a central synchronizing signal within the body, an important carrier of emotional information and a key mediator of energetic interactions between people. Learn more about IHM’s new research on bioelectromagnetic interactions and its implications.

Yes 112 EEGH - Pdf The Energetic Heart - Pdf