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May I use HeartMath intellectual property in a presentation?

We appreciate that so many people value our work, and wish to encourage uses of our intellectual property that further HeartMath’s mission. However, the volume of requests has been so high we have had to implement a processing fee of $50 for the review process. This is a nonrefundable fee that must be paid prior to exploring the appropriateness of the request. Be assured, we will make every effort to accommodate all requests. Requests compatible with principles of the HeartMath system/brand and give proper attribution generally will be approved. Please note that noncommercial uses are more easily approved than commercial uses. Requests to use our intellectual property in commercially available training programs are generally denied except for HeartMath trainers.

Contact Chris Jacob for more details:

Mrs. Chris Jacob, vice president and chief operations officer
HeartMath LLC, dba Planetary Publications
Voice (831) 338-8705; Fax (831) 338-9861

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