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Help for people with diabetes

We always suggest you follow the advice of your primary-care physician. Next, you’ll want to read IHM’s research study on diabetes at: . What has helped many diabetics deal with the stress related to their illness is the study and practice of the HeartMath techniques found in the Transforming series: Transforming Anger, Transforming Stress and Transforming Anxiety by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman. They can be found at . Please remember results vary according to each person’s physical, mental and emotional condition and use of the techniques.

One diabetic client said: “After consistent use of the HeartMath techniques, the feeling which had been lost in a great portion of my legs and feet returned.” He had been using the techniques for three years and he was pleased with the results. We cannot guarantee similar success for your condition. The techniques taught at HeartMath help bring the system into coherence and this significantly reduces the stress and anxiety associated with illness.

If you want to speed up the learning process of HeartMath techniques and measure results as you go, try the emWave® PC Stress Relief System. To learn more go to

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