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How can I increase my coherence?

The quickest way is through the use of Quick Coherence.

The Quick Coherence® Technique

Quick Coherence is a simple yet powerful technique to release distress and bring more coherence into your heart rhythms. Once you've learned the technique, it only takes a minute to do. There are three steps:


  1.  Heart Focus. Focus your attention in the area of your heart. If this sounds confusing, try this: Focus on your right big toe and wiggle it. Now focus on your right elbow. Now gently focus in the center of your chest, the area of your heart. (Most people think the heart is on the left side of the chest, but it's really closer to the center, behind the breastbone.)
    You may want to put your hand over your heart to help keep your focus there. If your mind wanders, just keep shifting your attention back to the area of your heart while you do steps 2 and 3.
  2.  Heart Breathing. As you focus on the area of your heart, imagine your breath flowing in and out through that area. This helps your mind and energy to stay focused in the heart area and your respiration and heart rhythms to synchronize. Breathe slowly and gently in through your heart, to a count of five or six, and slowly and easily out through your heart, to a count of five or six. Do this until your breathing feels smooth and balanced, not forced. You may discover it's easier to find a slow, easy rhythm by counting “one thousand, two thousand,” rather than “one, two.” Continue breathing with ease until you find a natural inner rhythm that feels good to you.
  3.  Heart Feeling. Continue breathing through the area of your heart. As you do so, recall a positive feeling, a time when you felt good inside, and try to reexperience it. This could be a feeling of appreciation or care toward a special person or a pet, a place you enjoyed or activity that was fun. Allow yourself to feel this good feeling of appreciation or care. If you can't feel anything, it's OK: Keep trying to find the attitude of appreciation or care. Once you've found it, try to sustain the attitude by continuing your Heart Focus, Heart Breathing and Heart Feeling.

The use of either the emWave Personal Stress Reliever or the emWave PC Stress Relief System speeds up the process of coherence building and lets you measure the results in real time.

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