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Do you offer a training program for teachers?

Yes, we have a train-the-trainer program for the Qualified Instructor Program. The first licensing program in a series of programs is called “The Resilient Educator.” This workshop entails a staff-development program in two-, four- or six-hour formats that give teachers tools and techniques to transform stress and increase their level of resiliency. If you are interested in becoming a trainer of other teachers, you may submit an application online. The following Web page has the information for these workshops, including the dates for 2007: 

We recommend you speak to your principal or school district personnel about bringing this program into the school as a staff-development program.

Additionally, for you personally, we recommend either the emWave® Personal Stress Reliever® or the emWave PC Stress Relief System technology and a book called Transforming Stress as the first steps for understanding the HeartMath System.

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 Do you take purchase orders?