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Can one's intuition be trusted? How can it be developed?

Yes, from our experience we can all learn to develop our intuition and learn to discriminate between our real intuition - heart intelligence - and wishful thinking. In case you missed the page on developing intuition, here it is:

“Reliance on the intuitive response was the most important part of an astronaut's training.” -Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon   

“Often, you have to rely on intuition.” -Bill Gates

Intuition sometimes inspires a major invention or breakthrough, but more often it shows up as good, old common sense. Intuition has numerous facets, including inner guidance, discernment, self-awareness and creativity. The real power of intuition manifests when we learn to use it to guide our moment-to-moment decisions and actions and to move more effectively through day-to-day life.

It turns out that emotional stress is one of the biggest blocks to unfolding our intuition - inner guidance. As we develop emotional empowerment - the ability to identify and shift our emotions - we automatically come into greater intuitive awareness. Then it's only a matter of acting on this awareness. It could be a feeling or sense that you need to go back and talk to a person with whom you had a disagreement. 

You can use the Quick Coherence tool, which you can download for free, to help you in this process. Go to

Also consider one or our books: There are several that would be helpful. If you have a tendency to experience stress, anger or anxiety, the Transforming series would be good. The HeartMath Solution is also an excellent introduction to the HeartMath System. Go to

You may also want to try either the emWave PC Stress Reduction System or the emWave Personal Stress Reliever. Both of these technologies will help you in clearing and transforming stressful perceptions, feelings, and attitudes, which is important for opening the natural entry of your intuition. Go to later add emWave PC

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