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HeartMath for pain management and relief for chronic pain

The emWave®PC Stress Relief System and emWave Personal Stress Reliever® are being used in chronic pain-management programs at medical centers such as Kaiser Permanente, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and many others. By learning self-regulation and internal awareness skills, chronic-pain patients often are able to lower their pain levels and improve their functionality. In California, workers' compensation insurers are reimbursing the cost of the emWave PC and emWave PSR for injured workers as a way of managing pain, so they can return to their jobs sooner.  

To read an inspiring story about how one person used the HeartMath tools to prepare for and recover from surgery, see the article “A Remarkable Recovery” in the Institute of HeartMath Summer 2004 Newsletter, pages 4-5, at the following Web address:

For more information about the emWave technology, go to or

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