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Classes that teach how to use the emWave PC

If you want to learn how to use the emWave PC quickly and efficiently, you'll want to be part of our next orientation class. Visit this Web page for the next scheduled class:

HeartMath LLC offers a free one-hour teleclass for emWave PC owners who would like an introduction to it or who have questions about its use. A HeartMath staff person hosts the session. You'll join other emWave PC users by calling the bridge line/conference line at the scheduled time.

You'll want to be set up to use your emWave during the call.

All times are Pacific Time Zone or GMT-8.

To participate, call (413) 461-0333. When asked for the extension, enter 853.

The first person to arrive and enter the 3-digit code will hear the prompt "Please press 1 and wait for others." All other conferees will simply enter the room by dialing the number and then, once prompted, entering 853.

This is a quiet bridge, so please say your name when you enter the room. If people are talking when you enter, wait for a break in the conversation and then say your name.

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