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Quick Coherence
Information and answers regarding the Quick Coherence technique
Additional Coherence Tools
Additional Coherence Tools
Alternative methods of increasing Coherence
Alternative methods of increasing Coherence
Can one's intuition be trusted? How can it be developed?
Developing your intuition using HeartMath tools and technology and hints and recommended resources on unfolding inner guidance and awareness:
Difference between Quick Coherence® and Heart Lock-In®
It is the intention and desired effect in the feeling world of self and others that makes the greatest difference:
Finding a positive feeling while practicing techniques
I’m having trouble finding a positive feeling to focus on? What do you suggest? Experiencing a positive emotion or attitude or a feeling of appreciation:
Heart Rate Variability relationship to Coherence scores
Heart Rate Variability and the relationship to Coherence scores.
Help for people with diabetes
Do you offer any help for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes? What you can do if you have diabetes, and a testimonial:
How can HeartMath techniques help with my medical condition?
Suggested resources and practice to help improve medical symptoms caused by emotion-related imbalances in the autonomic nervous system:
How can I increase my coherence?
An effective way to increase coherence through daily practice:
How does the emWave Breath Pacer work?
How does the emWave Breath Pacer work?
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