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Privacy Policy
Information and anwers regarding Institute of HeartMath Privacy Policy and information sharing
Information and answers regarding Institute of HeartMath product guarantees
HeartMath tools for children with learning disabilities
Teaching HeartMath tools to special-education students or children with learning disabilities:
How can I avoid Canada’s customs broker fees?
Shipping products from the USA and not paying customs broker fees is discussed:
How much do you charge to become a member?
Membership benefits are detailed below, along with the modest annual fee:
Information about research collaboration
HeartMath's current strategic research direction and research projects:
May I use HeartMath intellectual property in a presentation?
A brief description of the criteria for receiving permission to use HeartMath’s intellectual property in non-commercial and commercial presentations:
Practitioners & Techniques
Practitioners & Techniques
The proper use of HeartMath’s copyrighted materials.
Copyrighted material that may or may not be used in workshops, speeches, public presentations, etc. Permission process also is discussed:
Where can I sign up to be an affiliate?
Directions to materials related to the emWave affiliate program: