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HeartMath Education Projects

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Today’s Children Are More Stressed – They Need Tools for Emotional Flexibility!
Your donation to HeartMath Education Projects will help children receive the necessary support for learning self-regulation and self-awareness skills to become self-empowered.

We are committed to researching children’s emotional behavior and stress, which experts say is increasing at an alarming rate. Using that research, HeartMath developed practical tools and programs that give parents, teachers and other educators the skills they need to help children re-engage in life.

The HeartMath tools, classroom learning programs and technology make the educational experience more successful and rewarding for students and teachers. Your contribution will be used to help put these life-changing educational programs into the hands of students and teachers to help those in need who otherwise would not have access to them. Together, we can prepare children for the changes and challenges of the 21st century and the quest to make the world a better place.

Our children need our help and it is our responsibility. We have solutions. Help us get them to our children. Support Heart-Based Education Projects.

Become a HeartMath Monthly Giver – Even a Small Amount is Significant When You Give Every Month.

Inner Weather PosterPledge $5 or more per month to HeartMath Education Projects. As a gift of appreciation, you’ll receive an Inner Weather Report Poster and a free one-year HMI Membership. Poster is 12 x 36 inches, printed on heavy-weight 100lb cover stock (soft satin finish).

The help we give to a child or teacher today is a hope for a better world tomorrow. Thank you for all the hope you give.

100% of your donation supports the vital work of our programs. 
The HeartMath Institute does not use public donations for administrative or fundraising costs. Through sales and licensing we generate the funds necessary to cover our operating expenses. Your donations exclusively impact the lives of those you seek to empower.

Contributions are tax deductible within the limits of federal and state law. IHM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, educational and research corporation.

If you prefer to send your donation by mail, please send to:
Institute of HeartMath
14700 West Park Ave.
Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Planned Giving Program and Bequests (Wills)
If you are interested in learning more about IHM's Planned Giving Program, including charitable annuities, trusts, endowments or naming IHM as a beneficiary in your will, contact Katherine Floriano Toll Free at (866) 221-6339.

'In Honor of' Gift Information
If you'd like to make a contribution on behalf of someone who is doing good work or in memory of a loved one, call Katherine Toll Free at (866) 221-6339.

Nonprofit Status
IHM is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization