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Heart Songs for Children Ages 3-6 (e-Music)

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Fun and Uplifting
Besides a heartbeat sound, there are six engaging songs and an instrumental version of “A Little Wheel Turning in My Heart.” The Heart Songs are fun and uplifting while teaching children about their heart feelings and emotions and reinforcing the concepts of Shift and Shine®. This scientifically developed self-regulation technique gives young children an early start at developing and strengthening positive attitudes and emotions. Young children are naturally heart-centered and eager learners of new social and emotional skills and information. Through fun, interactive songs, children can experience the connection of the physical heart to the emotional heart. The Institute of HeartMath’s extensive research reveals the importance of the heart in our cognitive, emotional and physical lives. The quality of information and signals from the heart to the brain dramatically influence our emotional well-being, resilience and thinking ability. Sing along and have fun!

Early HeartSmarts® products are based on the Institute of HeartMath study, Facilitating Emotional Self-Regulation in Preschool Children: Efficacy of the Early HeartSmarts Program in Promoting Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development. 


  • 1. A Little Wheel Turning in My Heart
  • 2. This Little Heart of Mine
  • 3. A Little Wheel Turning in My Heart (instrumental)
  • 4. I Have Lots of Feelings
  • 5. My Heart Has a Feeling
  • 6. L.O.V.E.
  • 7. I Can Shine
  • 8. Shift and Shine™ Technique

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Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Item # 5360 Price: $14.95

(Includes instructions and aids in Spanish. For adults and children ages 4 and above.)

Play it at home or in the classroom

The first player to reach the heart in the center of the board wins in HeartMath’s new Wild Ride to the Heart™ game. But the whole family will soon learn that the true fun in playing Wild Ride – again and again – is because it makes you feel good in your heart. Wild Ride teaches children about recognizing, expressing and balancing their emotions. For those who are lucky, the journey to the finish will be smooth, but chances are they’ll have a Wild Ride as they make funny faces, tell stories and have lots of fun. It’s good for the heart.

No 414 5360 Wild Ride to the Heart Game
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Early HeartSmarts® Ages 3-6

Item # 5335 Price: $179.95

On back order until May 1st.For Classroom Or Home Use

Give young children a strong foundation for future learning

What young children learn before their formal education profoundly affects their performance in school and the rest of their lives. Research shows acquiring social and emotional skills early is essential for success in today’s classrooms. Early HeartSmarts is fun and engaging and was scientifically developed for children ages 3-6 so they could learn fun, simple, but powerful skills that build a strong foundation for their future years of learning. Children learn about working together in small groups, problem-solving, creativity, emotion self-regulation and the importance of the heart as Early HeartSmarts eases the transition from the home to the classroom environment.

Piloted and reviewed by preschool teachers, administrators and early childhood experts, Early HeartSmarts guides young children through several key goals:

  • Recognizing and understanding basic emotional states
  • Regulating emotions
  • Skills for strengthening expression of positive feelings
  • Skills for improving peer relations
  • Skills for developing problem-solving skills
Program Materials Include:
  • Teacher’s Guide:
    The instructor manual provides all the essential information to successfully implement the program. Each of the 11 lessons is organized with purpose and materials, quick steps, scripted lessons, recommended books, parent connection, music lyrics, and support activities. Song lyrics are featured in the last section for easy access.
  • Introductory CD:
    A short, narrated power point that introduces core concepts, skills, and materials
  • Music CD:
    Besides heart beat sounds, there are six beautifully sung songs and an instrumental version of Little Wheel Turning in My Heart.
  • Anatomical Model Heart:
    The squishy, anatomically correct heart serves as a physical model for conversation about the functions of the heart.
  • Bear Heart Puppet:
    The puppet plays a crucial role as facilitator and teacher in the program. Use a normal, pleasant voice when speaking through the puppet in lessons. The surface of the puppet can be washed with cold water.
  • Problem-Solving Cards:
    Six cards showing typical age-related issues are presented to children over three lessons to help activate problem as an optional choice.

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Heart Bear Puppet (Includes Heart Warmer™ Tool Card)

Item # 4900 Price: $14.95

Approved for Constant Cuddling
The fuzzy bear with the great big heart is bringing smiles to everyone from toddlers to grandparents. Now you can have your very own, along with the Heart Warmer Tool Card, which will guide you through the very special Heart Warmer Technique. Heart Bear wears a big HeartMath to remind everyone how good it feels to be heart centered. It’s so important to your health and well-being to always listen to your heart wisdom and intelligence, from morning to night. Heart Bear is nearly a foot high, made of 100% polyester fiber and has undergone rigorous child safety tests.

No 358 4900 Heart Bear Puppet (Includes Heart Warmer™ Tool Card) /core/media/