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Early HeartSmarts® Ages 3-65335

Item # 5335Price: $179.95
For Classroom Or Home Use

Give young children a strong foundation for future learning

What young children learn before their formal education profoundly affects their performance in school and the rest of their lives. Research shows acquiring social and emotional skills early is essential for success in today’s classrooms. Early HeartSmarts is fun and engaging and was scientifically developed for children ages 3-6 so they could learn fun, simple, but powerful skills that build a strong foundation for their future years of learning. Children learn about working together in small groups, problem-solving, creativity, emotion self-regulation and the importance of the heart as Early HeartSmarts eases the transition from the home to the classroom environment.

Piloted and reviewed by preschool teachers, administrators and early childhood experts, Early HeartSmarts guides young children through several key goals:
  • Recognizing and understanding basic emotional states
  • Regulating emotions
  • Skills for strengthening expression of positive feelings
  • Skills for improving peer relations
  • Skills for developing problem-solving skills
Program Materials Include:
  • Teacher’s Guide:
    The instructor manual provides all the essential information to successfully implement the program. Each of the 11 lessons is organized with purpose and materials, quick steps, scripted lessons, recommended books, parent connection, music lyrics, and support activities. Song lyrics are featured in the last section for easy access.
  • Introductory CD:
    A short, narrated power point that introduces core concepts, skills, and materials
  • Music CD:
    Besides heart beat sounds, there are six beautifully sung songs and an instrumental version of Little Wheel Turning in My Heart.
  • Anatomical Model Heart:
    The squishy, anatomically correct heart serves as a physical model for conversation about the functions of the heart.
  • Bear Heart Puppet:
    The puppet plays a crucial role as facilitator and teacher in the program. Use a normal, pleasant voice when speaking through the puppet in lessons. The surface of the puppet can be washed with cold water.
  • Problem-Solving Cards:
    Six cards showing typical age-related issues are presented to children over three lessons to help activate problem as an optional choice.
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HeartSmarts™ Grades 3-55330

Item # 5330Price: $129.95

For classroom use

New social and emotional intelligence curriculum bridges academic and emotional learning

HeartSmarts teaches students to manage stress, improve learning and strengthen relationships. Based on the Institute of HeartMath’s innovative research into the physiology of learning, HeartSmarts gives students a core set of tools and strategies that become part of the meaningful rituals and routines in their classrooms, intervention groups or after-school programs.

HeartSmarts is organized into five modules; short lessons within each module use experiential learning for problem-solving and collaborative discussion on topics related to school performance. Through minimal practice and reflection, students develop “habits of the heart” that improve learner readiness, motivation, behavior management and classroom climate. Students love HeartSmarts.

Program Components Include:
• The Leader’s Guide: Summary of the modules, rubric for skill development and relevant research.
• A series of 20 slides and a presentation flip book for presenting key ideas.
• Five Module Booklets, each with 4 or 5 core learning experiences and follow-up activities, handouts and task cards.
• Three classroom posters to keep core concepts visible.
• Assessment activities
• CD Rom: Introductory video for teachers, a PowerPoint slide show presents key ideas to students for each module and a short movie for lesson 2.  More info »