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Inside Story Teacher's Guide CD-ROM

Item # 5352
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Inside Story Teacher's Guide CD-ROM includes:

Includes clear instructions for each lesson, student worksheets, overhead or PowerPoint presentation, study notes, assessment and in-depth teacher background material.

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The Inside Story - Booklet

Item # 5351 Price: $4.46

The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings
By Doc Childre and the Institute of HeartMath

Power of Feelings
The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings helps teens and young adults understand the connection between their emotions, health, performance and daily lives. This engaging and visually pleasing text is clearly written and full of vital information pertaining to the latest research in neuroscience, emotional physiology and stress. The Inside Story guides them through key ideas, a series of reflective activities and a research-proven stress-management tool called Freeze-Frame®. This scientifically validated tool promotes healthy behavior and well-being, reducing emotional turmoil, anger, hostility and depression. Numerous drawings, diagrams and cartoons illustrate the text of this 32-page booklet.

No 52 5351 The Inside Story - Booklet
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TestEdge® Interactive Learning Program 9-12 +

Item # 5325 Price: $19.95

For Home or Classroom Use, grades 9-12 and above
Bridging emotions and academics for student success

Overcome test anxiety and learning blocks. Understand how your emotions and attitudes are affecting your schoolwork. If test-taking or learning is stressing you, try TestEdge for emotional and academic success. A controlled study that included a range of high-performing to low-performing students found 75% had reduced anxiety after taking the TestEdge program. Students experienced less dread about taking tests and increased focus, comprehension and confidence during high-stakes tests. The TestEdge program includes five video lessons with actors and flash animations, interactive sessions and a review of key points.

No 50 5325 TestEdge® Interactive Learning Program 9-12 +