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emWave® Ear Sensor

Item # 6010-E
Sale Price: $25.00  Regular Price: $25.00

Hands Free
This convenient, lightweight ear sensor, for the emWave Pro or Desktop(Mac and PC versions), emWave PSR, emWave2 and Inner Balance iOS 30 Pin Sensor, leaves your hands free. The sensor’s light, spring action makes it easy to wear, so you’ll barely feel it on your ear. The lapel clip further reduces weight on the ear and the 5-foot, white cable allows you to move around easily. The Ear Sensor allows user to keep working at a desk or table while running a session.

Note: This sensor is included with the emWave Pro, Desktop, emWave2 and Inner Balance iOS 30 Pin Sensor. This ear sensor is not compatible with previous versions of the emWave PC or Freeze Framer (item numbers 6005 or less) unless they have been upgraded to the new software, item #6006-X, and the new Sensor Module (6010-M).).

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emWave® Sensor Module (USB)

Item # 6010-M Price: $125.00

Add emWave to a Second Computer
The emWave USB Sensor Module is a state-of-the-art interface device that powers the *Ear Sensor and interprets the data going to the software Program. Note: Ear Sensor (Item # 6010-E) sold separately. Requires emWave PC or Pro software to use the sensor module. The USB Sensor Module and Ear Sensor are included in the full emWave Pro Package. 

No 368 6010-M emWave® Sensor Module (USB)