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emWave® Meditation, Prayer & Self-Help Assistant Booklet

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(59 page booklet)

Get Centered Today

Quieting the mind in today’s fast-paced world where schedules are packed and time is short is challenging. To help you go from “trying to get settled” to “being centered” quickly, HeartMath has compiled this new booklet, emWave Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant, which is intended for use with the emWave Personal Stress Reliever®. Perhaps you already know about Institute of HeartMath’s internationally recognized research on stress, emotions and heart-brain interactions. We’ve incorporated that research into this guide to help you build the heart-rhythm coherence that is so important to meditation, prayer, self-help and other practices. (Includes preview of the Global Coherence Project to shift mass coherence toward increased social and planetary harmony.)
Enter Your Optimal State
Used in tandem, the emWave PSR and this 59-page booklet provide a perfect balance for building and sustaining heart-rhythm coherence – the alignment of emotions, mind, body and spirit. This highly beneficial state of internal synchronization and energy efficiency also can help you perform at optimum levels mentally and physically and improve health, cognitive functions and well-being.

Building Personal and Global Coherence The emWave Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant also previews the Global Coherence Project, an Institute of HeartMath initiative. The project’s Global Coherence Monitoring System, a collection of sensing stations around the world, “will measure the effects of mass feeling and intentionality on the electromagnetic field of the earth.” The project aims to direct the synchronized intention of individuals and groups worldwide who are in a state of coherence toward increased social and planetary harmony.
† emWave PSR sold separately or as part of specially priced package with booklet.