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Solving Sleeplessness - e-Booklet

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Solving Sleeplessness e-Booklet

Peaceful Sleep
Sleeplessness, or insomnia is more common than many people realize. The National Sleep Foundation reports that disordered sleep stems most commonly from stress. Trying to keep pace with high-speed technology and communication multitasking, ever-exploding information, and the fear, anxiety and anger in ourselves and others can propel our emotions into overload. Stress accumulates during the day and we often take it to bed with us at night, tossing and turning or not sleeping at all. This book includes HeartMath’s Heart Lock-In® technique, a powerful, nonpharmaceutical solution to help you start getting the uninterrupted, refreshing sleep you need more often. Personal stories and instructions guide you in using this tool to achieve heart coherence, a state of balance in which you are more effective during the day and more peaceful at night.

Table of Contents:
Part I – Sleeplessness and Stress
Part II – The Heart Lock-In Technique
Part III – Steps of the Heart Lock-In Technique Next Steps
17 pages

Downloadable MP3 file also available.

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Take Charge of Your Life
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Quiet Joy - e-Music

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Enter the state of Quiet Joy, carefully selected compositions from Doc Childre's award-winning releases Heart Zones and Speed of Balance. Studies show improvement in the nervous system, hormonal balance and immune-system response. Quiet Joy is wonderful accompaniment during renewal, centering and refocusing with yoga or tai chi. Health professionals report effectiveness using it help stabilize emotions, resolve nervous-system chaos and significantly improve school behavior and performance.

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