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Practitioners Guide: Applications of Using the emWave PC

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A Practitioners Guide, Applications of Using the emWave® PC* Stress Relief System, e-book

An in-depth practitioners guide by Dr. Timothy Culbert with Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., and Howard Martin. This 23-page guide offers new tools for stress reduction and emotional management and includes: how to evaluate clients; explaining the emWave® PC system to clients; hands-on use and step-by-step outline for using Freeze-Frame technique with clients; practical tips on designing effective strategies; interviews with practitioners in clinics, hospitals and private practice on applications; and results and descriptions of heart-rate variability and psychophysiological coherence. Practical applications include Pain Case Studies, Psychophysiological Disorders Case Studies, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders Case Studies and Chronic Illness Case Studies.

Booklet version also available.

*Formerly known as the Freeze-Framer®.
This guide may be used for the Freeze-Framer® Interactive Learning System as well.

A Practitioners Guide includes:

  • 23 pages, paperback
  • Graphs and diagrams
  • Appendix A: Heart-rate variability
  • Appendix B: Psychophysiological coherence

Table of Contents:


II. What is the emWave PC Stress Relief System?

III. Self-Regulation and the emWave PC Stress Relief System

IV. Using the emWave PC Stress Relief With Clients

  1. Evaluating the Client
  2. Explaining the emWave PC Stress Relief System
  3. The Quick Coherence® Technique
  4. Hands-on Use of the emWave PC Stress Relief System
  5. Step-By-Step outline for Initial Use of the emWave PC Stress Relief System
  6. Common Problems
  7. Practical Tips on Designing Effective Strategies

V. Practical Applications

  1. Pain Case Studies
  2. Psychophysiological Disorders Case Studies
  3. Emotional/Behavioral Disorders Case Studies
  4. Chronic Illness Case Studies

VI. Resources, Support and Legal

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