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Hidden Power of the Heart - Pdf

Item # EHPH - Pdf
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Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence e-Book
By Sara Paddison

Find Your Hidden Power

One of HeartMath’s classics, speaks to you in a warm and friendly style, like a good friend. Hidden Power of the Heart is a powerful story giving new insights into the power of the heart to increase intelligence and heighten emotional awareness. It combines wisdom with practical tools and techniques to develop your heart intelligence. Each of us has a magnificent power within that can fulfill us with hope and empower us to live our lives to our greatest potential. Paddison gives you the how-to for unlocking possibilities of love, compassion and peace. New mind-expanding topics include holographic awareness, the dimensional shift and DNA blueprints. You will discover a hidden power available to everyone – a power that can change your own life and create a new future for humanity. For many, this is a favorite personal reference guide.

Hidden Power of the Heart e-Book Includes:

  • 289 pages
  • Graphs
  • Index

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Hidden Power of the Heart

Chapter 2 – The Heart

Chapter 3 – The Head

Chapter 4 – Stress: The Social Disease

Chapter 5 – Higher and Lower Heart Frequencies

Chapter 6 – The Dimensional Shift

Chapter 7 – Heart Power Tools

Chapter 8 – Tools for Rapid Self-Adjustment

Chapter 9 – Speak Your Truth: Honest Communication

Chapter 10 – Releasing Judgments

Chapter 11 – Inner Security: Your Key to Self-Esteem

Chapter 12 – Uncovering Compassion

Chapter 13 – The Power of surrender

Chapter 14 – God’s Creation

Chapter 15 – Holographic Awareness

Chapter 16 – DNA Blueprints

Chapter 17 – Return to Family Values

Chapter 18 – Deep Heart Listening

Chapter 19 – Forgiveness

Chapter 20 – The Magnetics of appreciation

Chapter 21 – Care or Overcare?

Chapter 22 – Death: A New Frontier

Chapter 23 – Balance: Faster than Light

Chapter 24 – The Mind/Brain

Chapter 25 – Fulfillment

Available in e-Book format only.

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Quiet Joy - e-Music

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Serene and Peaceful
Enter the state of Quiet Joy, carefully selected compositions from Doc Childre's award-winning releases Heart Zones and Speed of Balance. Studies show improvement in the nervous system, hormonal balance and immune-system response. Quiet Joy is wonderful accompaniment during renewal, centering and refocusing with yoga or tai chi. Health professionals report effectiveness using it help stabilize emotions, resolve nervous-system chaos and significantly improve school behavior and performance.

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The Energetic Heart - Pdf

Item # EEGH - Pdf Price: $12.95

The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People
By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Heart's Electromagnetic Field
This fascinating monograph, The Energetic Heart explains the bioelectromagnetic interactions within and between people. Did you know that our physiological systems are interacting in subtle ways and the electromagnetic signal produced by your heart is registered in the brain waves of people around you? Discover why the heart's electromagnetic field is believed to act as a central synchronizing signal within the body, an important carrier of emotional information and a key mediator of energetic interactions between people. Learn more about IHM’s new research on bioelectromagnetic interactions and its implications.

Yes 112 EEGH - Pdf The Energetic Heart - Pdf