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Improving Relationships - e-Booklet

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Improving Relationships e-Booklet

One of the Greatest Joys of Life
Some of the richest moments in our lives – and the most painful – occur in relationships. Building and sustaining relationships requires us to lead with the heart and manage our attitudes and emotions along the way. Leading with your heart means doing so from an intelligent, self-secure place inside, where wisdom, intuition and understanding reside. Communication is key in relationships and you’ll learn the Authentic Communication tool in this e-Booklet along with heart discernment, nonjudgment and balancing your emotions. Researchers have found lack of strong, loving relationships can pose health risks as great as smoking, high blood pressure, obesity or lack of exercise. One of the major diseases of our age is human loneliness. By keeping your heart open you can feel heart-connected to others and gain needed social support. Good relationships enhance our health and longevity.

Table of Contents:
Part I – Lead With Your Heart
Part II – Falling In Love
Part III – Building Healthy Relationships
Next Steps
16 pages

Downloadable MP3 file also available.

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