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Overcoming Emotional Chaos - e-Book

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Overcoming Emotional Chaos: Eliminate anxiety, lift depression and create security in your life, e-Book
By Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

Emotional Freedom
Are you vulnerable to overreaction, anxiety, anger, hurt, overwhelm, depression and fatigue?Overcoming Emotional Chaos provides an in-depth understanding of these common emotions and the scientifically proven Cut-Thru® technique and applications on how you can take action to release negative emotions. Also learn to dissipate subtler emotional patterns that keep us bogged down. The book includes personal evaluation pages to help track what you observe in yourself, where you want to focus and how to track your progress. Overcoming Emotional Chaos gives you the tools you'll need to renew vitality and create a future free of anxiety habits. It covers the range of emotional chaos that affects our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and us. A new clarity in your heart will inspire the "can do" power to make internal changes you never thought possible.

Overcoming Emotional Chaos includes:

  • 303 pages, paperback
  • Graphs and diagrams
  • References and index
  • Appendix: Worksheets and exercises

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Emotions: The Next Frontier
Chapter 2: Overcare, Over-Identity and Over-Attachment: How to Overcome the Draining Cycle
Chapter 3: Understanding Emotional Vanity
Chapter 4: The Heart of the Matter
Chapter 5: The Cut-Thru Technique
Chapter 6: The Heart Lock-In Technique
Chapter 7: Tools in Action
Chapter 8: Managing Overwhelm
Chapter 9: Eliminating Anxiety
Chapter 10: Relieving Fatigue
Chapter 11: Lifting Depression
Chapter 12: Creating Security in Relationships
Chapter 13: Emotional Management in the Workplace: Unlocking Creativity, Innovation and Satisfaction
Chapter 14:
The Global Opportunity

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