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Teen Self Discovery - e-Book

Item # ETSD
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Teen Self Discovery: Helping Teens Find Balance, Security & Esteem e-Book
By Doc Childre

Ride the Waves of Emotions
Teen Self Discovery* helps teens understand and manage their stressful perceptions and reactions to life, making it easier for them bring about healthy, positive choices. Being heart smart is about taking responsibility for your actions and reactions so you can make your day-to-day life feel more like surfing – by riding the waves of emotions instead of letting them engulf you. Learn to improve relationships, with yourself and others, and develop deeper communication through heart understanding and the power of appreciation. Written in language for the teen in everyone. Short chapters are ideal for sparking lively discussion and meaningful insight. This book is filled with how-to examples for your own self-discovery, giving you practical exercises that you can apply to life. A common-sense approach aimed at addressing today’s challenges for youth. Widely used by parents, educators and counselors.

Teen Self Discovery includes:

  • 114 pages
  • Cartoon illustrations with captions
  • Definitions for key terms
  • Poetry by a friend
  • HeartSmarts practice: describes situation, head reaction and a heart response

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Let’s Meet
Chapter 2 – The Heart: A Smart Place to Start
Chapter 3 – HEART-FM: Your Inner Security Station
Chapter 4 – Poor Me’s Only Mismanaged Emotions
Chapter 5 – Pump It Up: Inner Strength
Chapter 6 – Self-Esteem: A Winning Theme
Chapter 7 – Judgments: Inefficient Investments
Chapter 8 – Care: An Enrichment for Self- Esteem
Chapter 9 – Buddies: Through Thick and Thin
Chapter 10 – With or Without: Being Wise in Relationships
Chapter 11 – Let’s Talk: It Cleans Stinking Thinking
Chapter 12 – Deep Listening: Prevents Deep Trouble
Chapter 13 – Living in Box-Ins? The Way Out
Chapter 14 – Why Say No?! The Real Problem Behind Drugs
Chapter 15 – Music: How It Affects You
Chapter 16 – Appreciation: A Magnetism Overlooked
Chapter 17 – Earth: One Big Yard, One Body of People
Chapter 18 – Let’s Wrap It Up: HeartSmarts Practices

* Teen Self Discovery is a new revised edition of HeartSmarts: Teenage Guide for the Puzzle of Life, which is approved as a textbook in California and was nominated for the 1991 Parents Choice Award.

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Teaching Children to Love - e-Book - Pdf

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