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emWave® Pro for Learning and Test Prep Grades 9-12+1393

Item # 1393Price: $319.00

Release Yourself from Test and Performance Anxiety
We’ve combined the emWave Pro® and TestEdge Learning Program into an effective stress-busting package. These proven tools are ideal for high school and college students who are under constant pressure to stay ahead of increasing workloads – reading, papers, high-stakes tests and an array of other demanding academic tasks that require them to be in the zone for long periods at a time. These years are rigorous, but emWave Pro and TestEdge have been scientifically designed to help students generate a state of synchronized inner coherence, build and maintain resilience and improve academic performance, including learning to overcome test anxiety.

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Dual Drive™ Pro for emWave® Pro, Desktop & emWave2 (PC Only)1530

Item # 1530Price: $69.00
Ease into the Race
Start your engines and stay on course with Dual Drive Pro, revolutionary auto race game powered by your balanced heart-rhythms and inner alignment (coherence). As you race across Aztec Swamp, Lost Desert and other courses, you’ll learn to concentrate “on task” while maintaining and building physiological and emotional balance in challenging situations. These skills carry over into real-life situations at work, school or at home.

To have the most fun playing Dual Drive, you’ll want to learn basic emotion self-regulation skills and have mastered the games on the emWave . The Dual Drive program runs on your computer in conjunction with the emWave Pro, Desktop or emWave2 for PC†, It is not available for Mac operating systems.  More info »
1391 Desktop with Inside Story -125x125  small.JPG
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emWave® Pro For The Inside Story of Your Emotions1391

Item # 1391Price: $304.95

Making Sense and Self-Managing How You Feel
So often, our unmanaged emotions seem to rule us. We say or do things based on impulsive emotions, often because of past experiences. Teens and young adults, who typically experience an explosion of emotions as they mature and interact with the world around them, are especially susceptible. The emWave Pro and The Inside Story: Understanding the Power of Feelings  provide an effective antidote to the emotional turbulence and stress experienced at this time of your life. Using straightforward science and logic, The Inside Story explains your emotions relative to your health, school performance and relationships. The emWave’s easy-to-learn techniques, games and exercises teach you to take charge of your emotions. With practice, you’ll feel healthier, happier and more resilient in the emotional ebb and flow of these important years. Includes a 4-color instruction card.

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Tropical Heat for emWave Pro, Desktop and emWave21535

Item # 1535Price: $99.00
An exciting game that can actually improve your life
Visit the virtual island of your dreams with sparkling seas and dazzling sunsets in HeartMath’s new Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing game. As you play you’ll use tools that help you lower stress, increase energy and resilience and improve performance at home, school and work. Tropical Heat is played with HeartMath’s science-based emWave® Desktop computer program or the emWave2, Mac or PC. While racing around the islands, taking a leisure cruise or performing some great tricks you’ll also benefit from the same emWave coherence technology that’s helped transform the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Tropical Heat includes two effective energy-regulation HeartMath techniques. Note: emWave2 or emWave Desktop required.  More info »
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emWave Pro and Family Wellness Bundle6030-FW

Item # 6030-FWPrice: $329.00

emWave Pro with Family Wellness Bundle
The emWave Pro Family Wellness Bundle includes the emWave Pro. The accompanying digital content has been specifically selected for effectiveness and popularity.

The resilience, energy and emotional well-being of your family are important to you and they’re important to HeartMath. We’ve long been committed to providing a wide range of options and benefits for the personal health, well-being and performance of young children, teens and adults. Now many of HeartMath’s popular books, audio music files, webinar presentations and other products available separately are being included in the new Family Wellness Bundle. Whether it’s stress, fatigue, children’s behavior, sleeping problems, relationship issues, academic performance or other concerns, we’re sure this special collection includes something to benefit every member of your family.  More info »