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emWave® PC Finger Sensor (USB)

Item # 6002-F
Sale Price: $25.00  Regular Price: $25.00

emWave® PC* Finger Sensor (USB) Fits all Sizes of Fingers Will not work with the newer versions of emWave® PC or Pro (#6006 and up). Requires and plugs into the USB Sensor Pod (no longer available), which was included in previous emWave PC packages. Also can be used with a Freeze-Framer equipped with the USB Sensor Pod.
The emWave PC USB Finger Sensor with auto gain control greatly increases signal quality under difficult conditions. The emWave PC Finger Sensor, with sleeker design, is smaller, thinner and lighter and can accommodate a wider range of finger sizes. It fits a child’s small finger to an adult’s large one without having to use foam inserts or inserting a finger into the back of the unit. The new double-wrapped strap allows for a snugger fit and less signal loss, while still providing less restriction to the user.