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Institute of HeartMath Annual Membership Renewal

IHM members discover new ways of boosting energy and adding ease and flow in navigating their personal, social and global life experiences. Members have unlimited access to an array of practical, easy-to-use and free resources. We hope you will become a member and join the HeartMath Community to receive member only benefits and help IHM expand its mission.

Your Membership Benefits Include:

  • IHM Member Journey:An in-depth series of insightful, inspiring and informative messages with specific life-enhancing actions you can take to help you actualize your personal growth goals.
  • My Member Page: Enjoy your own personal space within the HeartMath Community. Among the many features there are special member offers; select free downloads including e-booklets, music and Webinars; upload your own favorite picture; and your Personal Tracker™ and Community Tracker™ so you can monitor your own and the community’s well-being.
  • Two Exclusive Webinars: During each of these seminars, you’ll receive in-depth instruction on the use of one of HeartMath’s life-changing tools and techniques, and new information on the institute’s scientific research including heart intelligence, personal and global coherence, intuition and the emotional energetic system.
  • e-Program Downloads (PDF and Audio): You will receive access to free downloads of the e-booklets, MP3s, scientific papers and e-music. Every few months IHM will add new e-Programs for members.
  • Members Only Sale Discounts: Receive special discounts twice each year on all web store products during our Members Only Sale.
  • Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal: Receive a complimentary one-year online subscription, a professional journal bridging cutting-edge healthcare approaches and an emerging new global community.
  • Featured Product Discount: Your My Member Page displays a different Featured Product Discount every other month.
  • Webinar Archives: Exclusive in-depth webinars free for members only.

Continue Your Heart Adventure:

Continue your IHM Membership Adventure. Connecting as member will bring you closer to the inner guidance of your heart’s compass. As a Member you will continue to have unlimited access to an array of practical, easy-to-use and free resources. We hope you will renew your membership

Renewal Benefits Include:

  • The No. 1 benefit is having your own personalized Member Page. On your personal page, you will easy access to all member webinars, e-books, audio files available at no cost.
  • Two exclusive member-only webinars each year and a host of archived webinars
  • Member only sale discounts and featured product discounts.
  • Every two months new e-programs (PDF and audio)
  • Receive a complimentary one-year online subscription of the Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal.

Life Time Membership
If you are interested in a Life Time Membership with the Institute of HeartMath, contact Katherine Floriano toll-free at (800) 711-6221 or e-mail at