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Coherence: Bridging Personal Social & Global Health -Webinar

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A Webinar with Dr. Rollin McCraty

An Exciting Scientific Exploration of the Heart’s Role in Personal, Social and Global Harmony
Imagine, your heart has a brain that sends vast amounts of information, signals and instructions to your cognitive brain and the rest of your physiological systems, including every cell in the body! A famous study nearly a century ago correlates solar activity with the world’s great historical events –scientific discoveries, great artworks, conflicts and more – from 1740 to 1926. Learn about this and other amazing research in Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social and Global Health, a scientific Webinar presented in layman’s terminology by IHM Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty. You will be fascinated while listening to this 75-minute primer on the state of coherence, one of the most talked about and important scientific topics today. McCraty, an internationally respected authority on heart coherence and intelligence, explains in simple terms subjects ranging from: HeartMath’s hypothesis that the electromagnetic fields of Earth and humans influence each other; the heart’s role in intuition; and how the practice of heart coherence can increase mental and emotional balance and control in our lives.

Webinar Highlights
  • Coherent alignment
  • The heart-brain
  • Energetic communication
  • Creating group coherence
  • Intuition and intuitive intelligence
  • Supporting research by HeartMath and other entities
  • An overview of HeartMath coherence-building technology
  • Numerous charts, graphs and illustrations

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How Coherence Enhances Cognitive Function - Webinar

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HeartMath Institute Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty gives an important and practical seminar on short- and long-term cognitive decline. He’ll discuss how practicing heart-rhythm coherence can slow this decline and guide you through current and future crises, blending scientific analyses with easily understood terminology. Learn about heart-brain interactions, rewiring your brain and more. Includes the Freeze Frame® Technique.

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Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions & Coherence - e-Booklet

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Changing Your Emotions – a New Approach to Stress Management
Until recently, stress research and treatment has largely derived from a belief that mental processes alone govern or activate the stress response. This scientific monograph explains in layman’s terms the latest stress research showing that emotions, more than thoughts, activate the physiological changes comprising stress responses. It describes how HeartMath’s simple tools engage positive emotions to permanently self-manage stress and break the cycle of recurring negative emotional patterns.

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