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Eliminating Anxiety - Audio Program

Item # EAEAX
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Eliminating Anxiety MP3 audio file

Shift to Ease
Do you have an anxiety-producing lifestyle with nagging concerns, not enough time, too much to do and juggle? Many people report low to high levels of anxiety such as edginess, overwhelm, tension and numbness. Anxiety can become an automatic response, draining your energy and causing fatigue, and eventually become chronic anxiety and panic attacks. In this e-Book the Notice and Ease™ tool helps you manage uncomfortable feelings and shift out of familiar anxiety patterns. It also includes the Attitude Breathing® technique to help you clear and replace negative attitudes with positive ones. HeartMath scientific studies have shown your heart intelligence holds the key to transforming disturbed feelings and maintaining a balanced, calm, yet alert state.

Table of Contents:
Part I – When anxiety Becomes a Habit
Part II – Managing Emotions
Part III – Shifting Attitudes Summary and Next Steps
Time 26:10 minutes

Downloadable e-Booklet also available.

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Transforming Anxiety - Book

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Transforming Anxiety: The HeartMath® Solution for Overcoming Fear and Worry and Creating Serenity — By Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

Heart-Based Living Approach to Anxiety
Most people have some anxiety about themselves, their families, future and increasingly the world’s problems – climate change, terrorism and disease. It can sap our energy, joy and vitality. Transforming Anxiety is based on HMI's 23 years of research on the physiology of emotions. This research has led to development of scientifically proven techniques that alter the body's physical response to anxiety and show you how to attain a peaceful, positive state of being. Learn and experience these techniques: Attitude Breathing®, Cut-thru® and Heart Lock-In®; achieve new, intuitive heart understanding. Release anxiety and replace it with new, positive feelings.

No 64 1155 Transforming Anxiety - Book