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Science of Intuition Webinar

Science of Intuition - Webinar

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Presented by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Beyond Time and Space
“Intuition is a process by which nonlocal information, normally outside of the range of conscious awareness, is immediately sensed and perceived by the psychophysiological systems,” IHM Director of Research Rollin McCraty explains in this fascinating journey through the intuitive process. “The whole body, and especially the heart and brain are also involved in this process.” McCraty provides an easily understood explanation of how the heart, brain and rest of the body participate in the communication of intuitive information. A leading authority on heart intelligence and the physiology of emotions and their impact on cognitive processes, behavior and health, McCraty today is leading the way to greater understanding of how intuition affects our daily lives. His groundbreaking research has provided key insights into the critical role of heart-rhythm coherence not only in the intuitive process, but also in the reduction of stress and creation of emotional balance and optimal performance in all areas of our lives. An added feature of the webinar is instruction by McCraty in the powerful Freeze-Frame® Technique for lowering stress by creating a mental and emotional time-out.
Duration: 1 hour

You will also learn about:
  • The cardiac cycle
  • Electricity of touch – the effects of cardiac energy from one person to another
  • Heart-rate variability
  • The heart’s magnetic field
  • Effects of intentionally experience emotions such as love, care, compassion
  • Synchronization of brainwaves/heartbeats between two people
  • The special connection between a mother and her baby
  • Coherence: a boy and his dog, a woman and her horse

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