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TestEdge® Grades 3-5 Student Activity Book

Item # 5311
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TestEdge® Grades 3-5 Student Workbook
For classroom use

Bridging emotional and academic learning

The Student Activity Book is scientifically validated and child friendly. Students overcome test anxiety and stress by understanding how their emotions/attitudes affect their academic work. Students will learn about feelings, how stress affects them and ways to deal with it, how to activate positive feelings, when their bodies are in sync/out of sync and test-taking strategies and skills. Two essential HeartMath tools are provided: Freeze-Frame® helps them step back from situations to find new options and solutions; Neutral helps them neutralize strong emotions. In a fun way students take a “Just Right Me” Survey and create “Just Right Me” Plan.

Student Activity Book:
  • 14 lessons, 21 worksheets

  • Fun graphics and cartoons

  • Interactive exercises and practice worksheets in every lesson to sustain tools

  • 24 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", 4-color cover, softbound
Table of Contents - Worksheets
Lesson 1 – Feeling Words, How Do You Feel About Tests? and Word Find
Lesson 2 – Body Map
Lesson 3 – How to Create a Feeling of Appreciation
Lesson 4 – Freeze-Frame® Practice
Lesson 5 – Road from Stress Town to Calm City
Lesson 6 – Getting in Sync
Lesson 7 and 8 – The Neutral Tool
Lesson 10 – Build a Breakfast
Lesson 11 – A Survey of Habits
Lesson 12 – “Just Right Me” Survey and “Just Right Me” Plan
Lesson 13 – Pace don’t Race, Follow Directions Carefully, Bubble It Right, Easy First-Hard Last, Make Your Best Guess and A Not Very Serious Practice Test
Lesson 14 – Your TestEdge Checklist

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TestEdge® Grades 3-5 Teacher's Kit

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For classroom use
Improving test scores, learning readiness, attitudes and behavior center on understanding how emotions and attitudes affect children’s work. The TestEdge scientifically validated supplemental program’s tools and strategies help students overcome discouragement, develop test-taking skills and improve listening and focus. HeartMath tools include Freeze-Frame® for stepping back and finding new options and solutions and Neutral for neutralizing strong emotions. Integrates easily into regular curriculums.

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