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TestEdge® Grades 3-5 Student Workbook

Item # 5311
Sale Price: $2.95  Regular Price: $2.95
TestEdge® Grades 3-5 Student Workbook
For classroom use

Bridging emotional and academic learning

The Student Activity Book is scientifically validated and child friendly. Students overcome test anxiety and stress by understanding how their emotions/attitudes affect their academic work. Students will learn about feelings, how stress affects them and ways to deal with it, how to activate positive feelings, when their bodies are in sync/out of sync and test-taking strategies and skills. Two essential HeartMath tools are provided: Freeze-Frame® helps them step back from situations to find new options and solutions; Neutral helps them neutralize strong emotions. In a fun way students take a “Just Right Me” Survey and create “Just Right Me” Plan.

Student Activity Book:
  • 14 lessons, 21 worksheets

  • Fun graphics and cartoons

  • Interactive exercises and practice worksheets in every lesson to sustain tools

  • 24 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", 4-color cover, softbound
Table of Contents - Worksheets
Lesson 1 – Feeling Words, How Do You Feel About Tests? and Word Find
Lesson 2 – Body Map
Lesson 3 – How to Create a Feeling of Appreciation
Lesson 4 – Freeze-Frame® Practice
Lesson 5 – Road from Stress Town to Calm City
Lesson 6 – Getting in Sync
Lesson 7 and 8 – The Neutral Tool
Lesson 10 – Build a Breakfast
Lesson 11 – A Survey of Habits
Lesson 12 – “Just Right Me” Survey and “Just Right Me” Plan
Lesson 13 – Pace don’t Race, Follow Directions Carefully, Bubble It Right, Easy First-Hard Last, Make Your Best Guess and A Not Very Serious Practice Test
Lesson 14 – Your TestEdge Checklist

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TestEdge® Grades 3-5 Teacher's Kit

Item # 5310 Price: $97.46

For classroom use

Bridging emotional and academic learning

Understand how emotions and attitudes affect children’s work. TestEdge is a scientifically validated supplemental program that improves test scores, learning readiness, attitudes and behavior problems. With TestEdge tools and strategies, students will overcome discouragement, develop test-taking skills and improve listening and focus. Has essential HeartMath tools: Freeze-Frame® helps them step back and find new options and solutions; Neutral helps neutralize strong emotions. Easy to use. Integrates effortlessly into regular curriculums.

Teacher's Kit includes:
• Teacher's manual, 16 laminated photo lesson cards with fully scripted lesson plans.
• 1 student workbook
• 2 full-color 11" x 17" posters

Student Activity Book:
14 lessons, 21 worksheets
• graphics, cartoons
• 8 1/2" x 11", 24 pages, 4-color cover, softbound
• Order 1 for each student.

No 46 5310 TestEdge® Grades 3-5 Teacher's Kit
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Coherence Coach® CD

Item # 1510 Price: $14.96

Coherence Coach CD: Your Personal Coherence Trainer Software
Ages 8 Through Adult

Your Personal Coach
The Coherence Coach is an entertaining, interactive software application that teaches HeartMath's scientifically validated Quick Coherence® technique for relieving stress and increasing performance. Learn step-by-step instructions through narration, five colorful animations, music and an adjustable breathing pacer. This is a powerful technique for refocusing your emotions, connecting with your genuine intuition and releasing stress. Once learned, it only takes a minute to do, experience a boost in energy, improve mental clarity and live stress free.

Downloadable Version also available
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(The Coherence Coach is included with emWave PC and emWave Handheld.)

No 184 1510 Coherence Coach® CD
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Teaching Children to Love - e-Book

Item # ETCTL Price: $11.95

Teaching Children to Love: 80 Games & Fun Activities for Raising Balanced Children in Unbalanced Times e-Book     By Doc Childre

Kid Tested and Approved
Teaching Children to Love presents new perspectives and building blocks for new levels of intelligence, emotional management, deeper communication and self-security – helping children feel positive and hopeful. This e-Book includes an explanation of the physiology of heart intelligence, instructions for three of HeartMath’s core techniques and easy-to-use, entertaining games and activities. Each activity has a learning purpose, step-by-step instructions and variations. This is for parents, childcare providers, counselors and everyone who is responsible for loving, educating and caring for children. All games are kid tested and kid approved.

For ages 6 months to 19 years, with variations for any age group.

No 105 ETCTL Teaching Children to Love - e-Book