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Creating Your Energetic Field Environment - Webinar

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MP4 video file (117.4MB) running time: 47 minutes

Add More Flow and Ease to Your Life

We live in challenging times. Life seems to be speeding ever faster with more to do and less time to do it. This leads to extra stress, anxiety and overwhelm. This powerful webinar, based on HeartMath’s many years of researching stress and emotions, lays out how you can manage the speed-up in your own life by taking charge of your mental and emotional systems. You can create flow and ease in your life and feed it to the energetic field, which many scientists believe connects all things. In fact, your heart’s electromagnetic field encompasses your entire body and actually can be measured with scientific instruments five to six feet away from your body. Among the presentation’s charts and graphs, is an electrocardiogram that shows the jagged and irregular heart-rhythm pattern of a subject experiencing frustration, anxiety and overload, compared to one in which feelings of love, care and appreciation result in a smooth and coherent pattern. The presenters of Creating Your Energetic Field Environment will walk you through the steps of the HeartMath’s Inner Ease™ Technique and Connected Communication™, so you can stop reacting to what life brings you and start creating it.

  - Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., psychologist, co-CEO Quantum InTech Inc. (parent company of HeartMath LLC)
  - Howard Martin, executive vice president HeartMath LLC (sister company of Institute of HeartMath)


  • What creates flow in your life The heart’s electromagnetic field
  • Feeding the energetic field
  • Living in the state of ease
  • Connected Communication – step-by-step instructions
  • Inner Ease Technique – step-by-step instructions

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