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Perspectives on Resilience - Webinar

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Understand Resilience, it's Benefits and How to Achieve it
“Our emotional diet has a lot to do with how resilient we are. Positive emotions and attitudes are important for performing at our best and maintaining systems balance,” IHM Director of Research Rollin McCraty explains in Perspectives on Resilience. McCraty will enlighten you about the dynamics of resilience: energy expenditure and recovery, how positive and negative emotions can influence our participation in life’s events and even whether we are healthy or prone to illness.

Building and maintaining resilient energy, optimal performance and health require intelligent management of our energy expenditures, McCraty explains. For example, it is the duration of energy expenditure without recovery, rather than the intensity of energy expenditure that cause burnout, impaired performance and physical breakdown. Negative emotions such as fear, frustration, impatience, anger and sadness can cause the release of stress hormones, often resulting in reduced muscle mass, impaired memory and mental function, accelerated aging, diminished performance and depleted reserves. Positive emotions such as compassion, care and courage can aid in the recovery of resilience and energy reserves.

Webinar Features:
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Presentation format: narrative with slides, charts, tables and graphs

Discussion Topics
  • The relationship between stress, resilience and performance
  • Building up your resilience accumulators
  • How resilience can be used in prevention, not just recoup and recovery
  • Using resilience to negotiate stress and challenges with greater self-control and poise
  • How to activate your innate resilience capacity
  • Heart-rate variability
  • Heart coherence
  • Using emWave technology to build and maintain resilience

  • Dimensions of Resilience
  • Heart-Rate Variability: The Heart’s Rhythm
  • Heart Rhythms (charts incoherence vs. coherence)

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Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions & Coherence - e-Booklet

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Changing Your Emotions – a New Approach to Stress Management
Until recently, stress research and treatment has largely derived from a belief that mental processes alone govern or activate the stress response. This scientific monograph explains in layman’s terms the latest stress research showing that emotions, more than thoughts, activate the physiological changes comprising stress responses. It describes how HeartMath’s simple tools engage positive emotions to permanently self-manage stress and break the cycle of recurring negative emotional patterns.

No 387 ESPE Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions & Coherence - e-Booklet