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Easing Fatigue - Audio Program

Item # EAEF
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Easing Fatigue MP3 audio file

Your Energy Bank Account
Fatigue is becoming increasingly common among people of all ages. It is usually our thoughts and emotions that are the greatest contributors to fatigue. Fatigue comes from the accumulation of our emotional responses to the little hassles, the everyday frustrations, annoyances and irritations. Unlock the door to what is really going on in your feeling world. Life is like an energy game in which thousands of thoughts, feelings and impressions directly impact our energy levels. The Asset/Deficit exercise will help you find the areas in your life where you regularly feel stressors; you’ll learn how to turn them into assets, or positive energy. Discover new and simple methods you can use immediately to ease fatigue.

Table of Contents:
Part I – Fatigue and Stress
Part II – The Power of Emotions
Part III – Building Your Energy Reserves
Next Steps
Time 24:10 minutes

Downloadable e-Booklet also available.

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Solving Sleeplessness - Audio Program

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Solving Sleeplessness MP3 audio file

Peaceful Sleep

Sleeplessness, or insomnia is quite common today. The National Sleep Foundation reports that disordered sleep stems most commonly from stress. Trying to keep pace with high-speed technology and communication, multitasking, the anxiety and anger in ourselves and others, all can propel our emotions into overload and keep us up at night. Stress accumulates during the day and we often take it to bed with us at night, tossing and turning or not sleeping at all. This book includes HeartMath’s Heart Lock-In® technique, a powerful, nonpharmaceutical solution to help you start getting the uninterrupted, refreshing sleep you need more often.

Downloadable e-Booklet also available.

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Transforming Stress - Audio Program

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Transforming Stress MP3 audio file

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Stress has become all too pervasive, affecting society globally, and we’ve adapted to this unhealthy condition. You’ll learn to engage the power of your heart to help change old stress-producing habit patterns. Too much stress creates overload, depletes creativity and clarity; you begin feeling more aches and pains; negative attitudes increase. Stress ages us before our time and robs us of our vitality and enjoyment of life. Learn how to boost your emotional power, regenerate your emotions and replenish emotional reserves.

Downloadable e-Booklet also available.

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