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Managing Emotions: Golf's Next Frontier - e-Booklet

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Managing Emotions: Golf’s Next Frontier e-Book
By Doc Childre

Passionate Golfers
If you are a passionate golfer, you appreciate the pleasurable emotional state associated with playing at the peak of your game. You also understand how emotional blowups or meltdowns can quickly sabotage countless hours of practice. This illustrated, 60-page book explains how you can achieve and maintain optimal emotional states for extended periods – even in the heat of intense competition. You’ll learn HeartMath’s Quick Coherence® technique for emotional balance and high performance in golf. It’s easily integrated into practice routines – driving, chipping and putting – and will help you maintain your energy, avoid errors because of emotional judgments and inner turbulence, shoot lower scores and stay at your peak longer.

Managing Emotions: Golf’s Next Frontier e-Book includes:

  • 60 pages
  • Freeze-Frame Worksheets, end notes and glossary
  • Fun illustrations, did-you-knows, factoids and diagrams
  • Practice-exercise notes
Table of Contents

Introduction by Peter Fox

Chapter 1 – Riding the Wave

Chapter 2 – The Three-Part Brain

Chapter 3 – Emotional Memories

Chapter 4 – Emotions and the Nervous System

Chapter 5 – The Heart-Brain Connection

Chapter 6 – Quick Coherence: A Positive Emotion-Refocusing Technique

Chapter 7 – Developing Your Coherence Skills – The Freeze-Framer

Afterword by Bruce C. Wilson, M.D., cardiologist and golfer
Coaching with Quick Coherence and the Freeze-Framer* by Lynn Marriott – golf coach, teacher, club pro; and Pia Nilsson, golf teacher and coach, former LPGA tour player.
*Newest version of the Freeze-Framer is renamed emWave Pro

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What separates the best golfers from the rest? Being in the right frame of mind and attitude. Get real-time physiological feedback on your internal state and take the guesswork out of your game with the emWave Pro. Using your personal computer’s monitor, you’ll learn quickly how to coach yourself mentally and emotionally for consistent success on and off the course. Also, you can take out the hand-held emWave2 right on the course or anywhere else you go, to put your mental and emotional state on the right course within seconds.

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