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Mysteries of The Heart Poster5455

Item # 5455Price: $14.95

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A smart resource for understanding your energetic, intelligent and intuitive heart. How do positive and negative emotions affect heart rhythms and health? HeartMath’s scientists and creative staff have produced a colorful and informative poster/graphic that describes in words and illustrations important findings about the amazing heart. This informative 4-color, 12-by-36-inch satin-finished poster makes a wonderful addition to a home study area, bedroom or classroom wall.  More info »
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Inner Weather Report Poster5454

Item # 5454Price: $9.95

Ships individually. Shipping cost within the USA is not expensive, but international shipping cost is very expensive. So look carefully at the at the shipping cost before placing your order. We apologize for this inconvenience.

When you’re feeling joyful and loving, not only are you happy, but your “inner weather” is happy too – because feeling good inside really is like a sunny day outside and feeling bad is like a cloudy day. HeartMath’s Inner Weather Report poster is a fun and effective way for children to understand how their emotions are affecting them and to self-regulate their behavior.  More info »
coupon book_125x125pix.jpg
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HeartMath Brighter Day Coupon Book5457

Item # 5457Price:
1 – 4$9.00
5 +$7.50
52 Coupons Designed to Lift Spirits and Brighten Days.
This delightful book has 52 pages of original artwork to give from the heart. Each coupon has a different message. You can delight family, friends and co-workers by giving them a coupon that will brighten their day. Whether it’s giving a coupon gift that says, "Good for One coffee Break, I’m Buying" or "One evening being treated like royalty" or "You are Incredible." Also included are six discount coupons for HeartMath products and trainings, plus a free The Intuitive Hearte-Book coupon. You can easily tear out and add a coupon to a card for any occasion as a gift.  More info »
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The Intuitive Heart - e-BookletETIH

Item # ETIHPrice: $14.95

The Intuitive Heart – Accessing Inner Guidance To Raise Our Consciousness Baseline
By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. and Doc Childre

New work written on the natural human capacity for intuition, with guidance for increasing yours!
Accessing our natural inner capacity for sensing or knowing things not immediately present or stored in the brain has long been a source of cultural traditions and mystique and pure scientific research. The Intuitive Heart employs a format and style the layperson and scientist alike will appreciate, confirming what you’ve suspected and expanding what you know and believe. The 18-page e-booklet includes the widely acclaimed Freeze Frame® Technique and guidance for increasing access to your intuitive capacity.  More info »
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The Science of Heart Rate Variability Made Simple - WebinarWHRV

Item # WHRVPrice: $29.95

MP4 Video File (55.1 MB) running time: 60 minutes - A Webinar with Dr. Rollin McCraty

What is HRV and why is it so important?
The simple answer is yes. During this webinar Dr. Rollin McCraty explains in layman’s terms why it’s such a valuable commodity and how the amount of our HRV – the beat-to-changes in heart rhythms – is a key indicator of health and resiliency. McCraty touches upon the differences between HRV levels and "heart-rhythm coherence," which is a desirable state of mental, emotional and physical balance and flow. He also discusses how it is measured and shares some simple tests you can conduct on your own.

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The Hidden Power of the Heart (e-Book)EHPH

Item # EHPHPrice: $12.95
The Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence (e-Book) - By Sara Childre

Find Your Hidden Power
One of HeartMath’s classics, speaks to you in a warm and friendly style, like a good friend. Hidden Power of the Heart is a powerful story giving new insights into the power of the heart to increase intelligence and heighten emotional awareness. It combines wisdom with practical tools and techniques to develop your heart intelligence. New mind-expanding topics include holographic awareness, the dimensional shift and DNA blueprints. You discover a hidden power available to everyone – a power that can change your own life and create a new future for humanity. For many, this is a favorite personal reference guide.

Available in e-Book format (pdf, epub or mobi) only.

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Wild Ride to the Heart Game5360

Item # 5360Price: $14.95

(Includes instructions and aids in Spanish. For adults and children ages 4 and above.)

Play it at home or in the classroom

The first player to reach the heart in the center of the board wins in HeartMath’s new Wild Ride to the Heart™ game. But the whole family will soon learn that the true fun in playing Wild Ride – again and again – is because it makes you feel good in your heart. Wild Ride teaches children about recognizing, expressing and balancing their emotions. For those who are lucky, the journey to the finish will be smooth, but chances are they’ll have a Wild Ride as they make funny faces, tell stories and have lots of fun. It’s good for the heart.  More info »
5358 Hrt-to-Hrt cover_125x125_72.jpg
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Heart to Heart - Connecting With Your Child - Book5358

Item # 5358Price: $9.95
By Jeff Goelitz and Elyse April

Parents and children building heart-based relationships together
“Kneel down so you can look into your child’s eyes,” Heart to Heart recommends, “and softly ask, ‘How are you?’ ” Relying on the heart’s wisdom is the wonderful new and gentle approach for parents and caregivers to truly connect with children. Heart to Heart is a beautifully illustrated color booklet that presents powerful ideas simply. Children and adults will love looking at the warm and cuddly family in their cozy little home. Included is Shift and Shine,™ the science-based HeartMath technique children enjoy practicing. It teaches children to get past their upsets and family members to listen more deeply.</p>

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6400-SP Inner Balance Bundle - 7.21.13.jpg
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Inner Balance™ iOS 30 Pin Sensor - Heart Connections Bundle6400-SP

Item # 6400-SPPrice: $129.00

Expanding Heart Connections
Inner Balance Heart Connections Bundle includes the Inner Balance App and iOS 30 Pin Sensor (for iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, iPad 2, iPad3 and 4th Generation iPod touch). The accompanying digital content has been specifically selected for effectiveness and popularity.

Practicing the Heart Connection tools along with the Inner Balance trainer makes learning more fun, motivating and self-confirming. With a little daily practice, you’ll experience more ease, flow and a deepening and sustaining of your heart connections with others and your authentic self. Retail value of this special Bundle if purchased separately is $270.00.

You will also receive a free copy of The HeartMath Meditation Assistant e-book.

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1396-CH emWave2_with_Dual_Drive_small.jpg
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emWave2 with Dual Drive (Charcoal)1396-CH

Item # 1396-CHPrice: $239.00

How can something this much fun be good for you?
This entertaining system consists of the emWave2 heart-rhythm coherence trainer and the Dual Drive Pro racing game. As you play any of the nine racing games – racing against others in your local area network or against computer-generated opponents – you’ll learn to concentrate “on task” while maintaining and building physiological and emotional balance in challenging situations. Some refer to this balance as a simultaneous state of relaxation, readiness and revitalization, others say it is active calm. Researches call this optimal performance state, coherence. Regardless of the name, these skills carry over and benefit your real-life situations – at work, school and home.

To get the most fun and benefit from Dual Drive, you’ll want to learn basic emotion self-regulation skills and practice with the emWave2 games, all included with the emWave2 software. The Dual Drive program runs on your computer in conjunction with the emWave2 for PC. (It is not available for Mac operating systems.)  More info »